(1 ) 2000 Ima otu Chukwu si ke uwa)
(2 ) 2013 SoGreat and Ala Igbo )
(3 ) 2015 Ndi Ezigbo Omume dedicated to People Club Int’l London branch)
(4 ) 2017 ( Chukwu Echetagom )
(5 ) 2017 ( Ego Amaka )
(6 ) 2017 ( Akulue uno ) Dedicated to Anambra state women association int’l UK.
(7 ) 2017 ( Kene Igbo ) Dedicated to Igbo Cultural and Support Network UK.

(8) 2019 (Ighotago)

(1 ) Aduro
(2 ) Nwa amaka
(3 ) Ala Eze
(4 ) I will be
(5 ) Adanma

Wilson Nwane is an African / Igbo Highlife musician who began his music career in Nigeria.

He started singing in his local church choir at a very young age. His love for music came from his lineage especially his mother who is a wonderful singer whom God’s gift is enhanced. Wilson Nwane is a multi-instrumentalist, who plays more than ten (10 ) musical instruments with over 20 years experience in art of music making.

Wilson Nwane has performed in Events/concerts  promoting  African Cultural /  Highlife Music in the UK. He is the founder of  SOPRECS MEDIA / SOPRECS INT’L BAND and Naija Musicians Forum UK.

Wilson Nwane is a promoter of highlife music in Europe.

A music teacher, Singer, Songwriter and Producer.

He has released many Albums and SINGLES

Wilson Nwane has won many AWARDS 

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